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Deer Hunter’s silicone rubber sheets and membranes have earned a reputation among world-class manufacturers like Global Vacuum Presses, Goldi Solar and McGrory Glass. With our strong production capacity and reliable product quality, these brands continue to select us as their go-to supplier for their applications.

Solutions Provider For Brand Manufactuers of Vacuum Presses, Safety Glass, Solar Panels

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About Us

Welcome to Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter is a premier manufacturer of silicone membranes and sheets in China. Our wide selection of high-quality products are used in various industries, such as solar energy, glass, wood & furniture, and garments. With our reliable customer service and strict quality standards, we ensure that all customers from machinery suppliers to local distributors and end users get the finest experience from us.

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indispensable accessories for vacuum presses, solar panel laminators, glass furnaces, ironing tables.

Silicone Membrane For Vacuum Press

Ideal for wood panel coating, veneering, laminating, bending.

Silicone Rubber Sheet For Solar Laminator

For production of Photovoltaic Panels

Silicone Vacuum Bag For Laminating Machine

For EVA/PVB Interlayer Laminated Safety Glass

Open Cell Silicone Foam Sheet

for vacuum ironing tables and steaming press machines
Meet Your Needs

What are our products mainly used for?

Find Your Solution By Industries
Woodworking & Thermoforming

High elasticity silicone membranes are crucial for the applications of a vacuum press and should be put with the least possible effort and without creasing onto the workpiece to be processed. Our expertise is in large moulds and solid surfaces to press up to 1m height.

Glass Lamination

Reusable silicone vacuum bags are made of high-quality and flexible silicone, consisting of two parts with chequered sealing edge, perfectly suited for the processing of composite materials like glass fibers, carbon, composites as well as flat and laminated safety glass.

Solar Industry

Our silicone rubber sheets with high temperature resistance are extremely resistant to EVA leaking in the process of manufacturing solar panels. They are featuring good performance installed in brand solar laminators, like Meier, Burkle, Ecoprogetti, Boostsolar, etc.

Garment & Laundry

The open cell silicone foam sheets for the steam press is 10mm thick, letting the right amount of steam through for pressing your garments. If the foam sheets are any thicker, the bed of your ironing press would get very wet, resulting in staining your garments.

Procurement Process

Ordering From Deer Hunter

SOP is applied to all areas in our daily life. Here we list 6 steps to help you place an order from us.

Send out more details about your application (1 day)

It’s very important to know the purpose of end-users before ordering. For different industries, we have different types of silicone membranes and foam sheets for your reference. But if you know little, don’t worry. Our staff will help you out. Superior service is a good beginning of the order.

Silicone Membrane Sheet For Thermoforming Solid Surface
Blue Open Cell Sponge Silicone Pads

Try some free samples before PO (3-5 days)

Customers usually test our samples firstly and decide the quality and thickness to buy. Sample size is about 20cm X 30cm per piece and total weight is 1-2kgs. The point is that we pay the freight by DHL and you just sit at home and wait for the samples.

Start mass production (5-7 days)

For some inventories, we just do the cutting and arrange the shipment directly. But for some dimensions that are out of stock from our warehouse, we have to start with raw materials mixing and curing accordingly, so production time will be around 5-7 days or more.

Mass Production Lead Time Within 5-7days
Package - Carton Boxes, Woven Bags, Wood Cases Or Pallets

Packing (1-2 days)

For silicone sheets, package can be carton boxes, woven bags, wood cases or pallets. For open cell silicone foam sheets, packages are commonly white woven bags. Final package mainly depends on customers’ requests. We guarantee there will be no damage during transportation.

Shipping (4-6 days)

There are different shipping ways for options. Shipment by air is fast but expensive. It’s a good choice for a small order and only takes 4-6 days. Shipment by sea is the most economical way. Shipping time is much longer than by air. It takes 25-35 days.

Shipment - By sea and By air
Excellent After Service From Deer Hunter Staff

After service

All of our silicone sheets and foam pads are matured products and very few customers ever complained about the quality, which does not mean we do not provide after service. In opposite, we are always willing to listen to ever word from every customer.

Listen To Their Voice

Our Esteemed Customers From 60+ Countries

Deer Hunter is an Asian leading maker and supplier of laminator membranes, silicone sheeting, vacuum bags and ironing table covers for the renewable energy, furniture, sublimation transfer and apparel industries. For over 15 years clients benefit from our extensive experience on a wide range of projects. With a truly global presence, DH has created widespread customer satisfaction and loyalty in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Sourcing open cell silicone foam sheets from abroad is sometimes frustrating. I previously bought foam sheet from a factory in Indonesia, and the price was indeed low. Still, their staff's English communication and business skills were not good, and once the shipment was delayed due to customs clearance problems, I only found out half a month later. Working with DH is much less hassle. Their salesman said their environmentally friendly products were lab certified and was convinced of this. And also, they are really professional, all I have to do is sit in the office and wait to receive the goods.

As a leading manufacturer of popular thermofoil cabinet doors in America, we ever tried many different types of silicone membranes. Some were with inferior quality, which would make our thermofoiling process failed frequently. Some were so expensive that we could not afford it. One day, Deer Hunter contacted me via Email for potential cooperation. They sent free samples to us to test, then our business relations got started. At present, DH is the only supplier I trust in China.  They never disappoint me. Now when my friends also get in trouble finding a good supplier of vacuum membranes, I’d like to introduce DH to them.

During the whole process of purchasing, Deer Hunter made me feel very safe. The experience of being cheated taught me a lesson, so I will be very careful when it comes to the money. Their team was very professional. No matter when I asked questions to them, their staff always responded to me with the satisfying answers on time. They helped me to remove all bad feelings. The point is that they agreed to make major concessions in order to work together with me. Their foam I bought is also bringing much profit in our locality. Since business is based on mutual trust. Everything is possible.

Before Covid-19, I looked for accessories for my Meier solar laminator. I forgot how I found Deer Hunter, but we talked very happily at the first sight. Since then, I have been working with Deer Hunter for 3 years now, and I am glad I chose them from the beginning. Their products are of very high quality, and my workers have never complained about their products. Besides supplying solar silicone sheets, they also have other good quality products, such as open cell foam sheets and vacuum bags. So if possible, I will extend my business to other industries. They also suggest wholesaling their products in my country.

During the production of laminated safetly glass, I am using silicone vacuum bags from Deer Hunter. Actually my working area is about 1900mm * 4000mm, Mr Young suggested the bag with external size 2000mm * 4100mm. Well, I trust him. The bag is now working very good in our workshop. They also provide PTFE open mesh with hole 4mm*4mm for quick air movement during vacuuming. One thing you gotta remember is when you get the parcel, please open it and unfold the inside bag as soon as possible. Believe me, that will good for your vacuum silicone bag.

Protect Your Money

Avoid Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Whether you’re shopping for silicone sheets from China or any other product, there are some key steps to take in order to stay safe and avoid being scammed. Make sure that what’s arriving is exactly as advertised before placing your purchase; this way, the item will be of a high quality with no nasty surprises once it arrives! A little research beforehand can save unnecessary trouble later on.

Most Frequent Questions And Answers


With 15 years’ experience in the production and supply of silicone membranes and open cell foam sheets, Deer Hunter is aware that customers have a variety of questions prior to making their purchase. As such, we strive to address their most pressing concerns whenever possible.

Do you have foreign agents or distributors overseas?

Currently, we have no agent or distributor in other countries. All of our products are made in China and exported directly from our factory. If you want to wholesale some of our items in your locality, please contact us and let’s discuss more details.

Will you refund if products are not good?

Silicone membranes and open cell foam sheets are really our matured products. Frankly, few customers ever complain about the quality. If something unhappy happened, we would share the loss with you together.

What are the raw materials used?

The main materials used in our factory are silicone rubber compounds and some chemical additives. These days the prices for raw materials are getting higher and higher. So the earlier you place an order, the cheaper you will get.

Can you list major customers in our local market?

We can list 5-10 major partners in some market, such as USA, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Kenya, etc. However, we never expose their details to anyone else. We have rights to protect their privacy. Please pay more attention to our products’ quality and service.

Can you provide samples before an official order?

The size for a sample is about 20cm*30cm and 3~10pcs are packed in a small parcel. The point is that we PAY the freight. You just sit at home and wait for them.

What about the details of the package?

To guarantee there will be no damage during transport, we work out different package modes for different models. Cardboard tubes, pallets, wooden cases, woven bags and carton boxes are widely used for further shipment.

Which of your products are selling better?

All products in this website are popular, but not every market is the same. For example, some customers in India and Bangladesh love open cell silicone foam sheets, for there are many garment factories there. And lots of our customers in Europe prefer our silicone membrane sheets, for they are working on in solar and woodworking industry.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the samples or goods?

For samples, it is 3-5 days by DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT. For official orders, usually it will be 7-10 days or more, mainly depending on our inventory status and the quantity you purchase.

Are you a manufacturing or a trading company?

We are a factory, and we offer factory direct prices with excellent quality and worry-free service. You can come to China for factory visit and inspection. Of course, but it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides.

What are the payment options?

You can use Western Union, which has a lower fee, or PayPal if you can accept a slightly higher fee, but please note that for new customers, we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment, or if you have been with us for years and run into cash flow pressure, we do offer OA credit.

Do you provide customized service?

We can design silicone products according to your requirements (material, color, surface, type of package, etc.). We will also provide you with expert guidance at the same time, based on our many years of experience in the industry. In addition, we do not charge you any prototype fee.

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Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. Our experts will give you a reply within 24 hours and help you select the right model you want.

Ask For A Quick Quote

Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. Our experts will give you a reply within 24 hours and help you select the right model you want.

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