Silicone Rubber Sheet For Solar PV Panels Laminating Machine

As one of our traditional diaphragm materials for solar modules lamination, the S5+ has gained in popularity over recent years for its good eva resistant ability.

Silicone Rubber Sheet - S5+

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The S5+ is an extraordinary type of rubber sheets, specially developed rubber membrane consisting of silicone backing material and FKM hybrid material. This unique covering layer is extremely resistant to outgassing* and related decomposing processes of EVA films. This makes our rubber sheet particularly durable and increases your machine running times.

Silicone Rubber Sheet For Solar PV Panels Laminating Machine (S5+)

Product Overview

Silicone rubber sheet, also called silicone rubber membrane or silicone diaphragm, is applied for the lamination process of solar photovoltaic modules. During the laminating period, silicone sheets transfer the laminator’s temperature and pressure to modules. Thanks to its excellent physical and chemical properties, The S5+ silicone rubber sheet can work at least 10,000 laminating cycles with good EVA-resistant ability.

Technical Data Sheet

Model No. Silicone Rubber Sheet (S5+)
Reinforcement 1 Ply Aramid Fabric Insert
Material Silicone FKM
Color Gray Black
Surface Finish Smooth Textured
Feature Buffering Surface EVA Resistant Working Surface
Hardness 60+/-2 Shore A 70+/-2 Shore A
Density 1.25 ± 0.05g/cm3 1.95 ± 0.05g/cm3
Tensile Strength 8.5MPa 14MPa
Tear Strength 30N/mm 45N/mm
Temperature Resistance 250°C 250°C
Elongation 600% 180%
Compression Set 4% 4%
Resilience 25% 8%


The S5+ silicone rubber sheet is an exclusive laminate produced from a unique pressed composition giving extended life in crystalline solar panels production. Look at the right image to get a clear view of its structure.

Due to possessing excellent EVA resistant fluorine laminated surface and additional fabric reinforcement in the middle, the S5+ Gen is a really tough material with both tensile strength and tear resistance higher than traditional membranes materials. It also has very tight elongation features – resistant to excessive stretching and sagging.

Structure For Silicone Rubber Sheet For Solar PV Panels Laminating Machine (S5+)

Solar Diaphragms FAQs

Are you looking to buy a silicone rubber sheet for solar PV panels lamination? If so, you may have some questions about the sheet membrane. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about it.

Can’t find the answer? Reach out to our customer support team.

Silicone Rubber Sheet For Solar PV Panels Laminating Machine (S5+)

1. Is your silicone rubber sheet with or without a splice?

As a leading silicone membrane supplier in China, Deer Hunter’s seamless lamination silicone membrane sheet enables photovoltaic module makers to produce panels up to 3800mm wide with no seam marks visible on the back sheet.

2. Is the membrane’s surface finish smooth/smooth or smooth/textured?

We find the question of surface finishes interesting - but in conclusion, we see no evidence that one option is better than another. Common sense says that a fabric impression will provide a natural venting path to aid release, especially in hot/sticky conditions. Most of our customers do prefer fabric impression 1 side and smooth 1 side. The physical properties of the material will be exactly the same irrespective of colour or surface finish - these do not change.

3. What can we do to extend the life of our sheet?

A layer of PTFE coated fiberglass faric sheet between the modules and the membrane is often suggested. Usually thickness can be 0.25mm or 0.35mm.

4. What’s the best silicone rubber sheet for solar panel laminator?

This is really a vital question and can be best discussed together face-to-face. There is no one answer that is right for everybody. There are many determining factors that can affect the choice of silicone diaphragm for example type of encapsulant, the composition of the modules, size of the modules, the brand of laminator, and budget constraints, etc.

5. How long should the silicone rubber sheet last?

Commonly our data shows that The S2 upto 4,000cycles and The S5+ upto 10,000 cycles. As there are a number of variables beyond our direct control, it is very difficult to “guarantee” an exact cycle life.

6. What is your standard package?

For 1-5pcs, standard package is woven bags. When quantity is over 5pcs, they will be rolled inside a cardboard tube and then put onto pallets or into wooden cases. We will listen to our customers carefully.

7. Does color have any impact on membrane performance?

Based on feedback from customers worldwide, we can see no advantage or disadvantage of different colors. Actually, colors are now used to differentiate between suppliers.

8. Except silicone membrane, do you have other product name?

Although also called diaphragms, sheets, or membranes, the solar panel industry tends to use the term membrane.

9. What is EVA outgassing?

Outgassing refers to unwanted chemicals that are usually a bi-product of the process and temperature. These acidic fumes are emitted from adhesive or other components and can lead to corrosion of the Diaphragm/Membrane. This corrosion manifests itself in surface degradation (cracks) + excessive stretching & sagging.

Silicone Rubber Sheet For The Solar Industry

Deer Hunter – Asia’s leading manufacturer for special silicone rubber sheet for solar PV panels encapsulation in the renewable energy market. We can choose from a variety of laminator brands and types. Depending on the solar module production line requirements, our silicone rubber sheets are specially designed to fit many brands of solar module laminators like Spire, Burkle, NPC, Meier, 2BG, Ecoprogetti, 3S, Komax, Electro Solar, Spaleck-Stevens, Nisshinbo, P-Energy, Mondragon, Boostsolar, Orient, ZST, etc.

Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For Boost Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For Meier Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For 3S Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For Burkle Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For Ecoprogetti Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For NPC Solar Laminators

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