PTFE Coated Teflon Mesh Sheet For Laminated Glass

Glass-PTFE mesh used inside a silicone vacuum bag in the laminating ovens. It preserves a silicone bag from deterioration and facilitates the evacuation of the air during the vacuum.
Teflon PTFE Open Mesh Sheet 4mm*4mm

PTFE Mesh Sheet

PTFE mesh sheet is manufactured from a PTFE coated fiberglass mesh and is commonly used in high temperature applications that require good air flow though the belt. The PTFE coating also provides excellent release properties making it popular for a wide range of product transfer and drying applications. Our Porous PTFE mesh sheets can be cut into endless dimensions with or without sealed edges to your requirements.

Basic Specifications

Product Name PTFE Open Mesh Sheet
Material PTFE + Fiberglass
Model No. DH004D
Mesh Size 4mm * 4mm
Max Width 4000mm
Standard Length 30m, 33m, 50m, 100m
Thickness 1mm
Weight 580g/m2 (17.1 oz/sq yd)
Tensile Strength (warp) 560 N/cm (331 lbs/inches)
Tensile Strength (weft) 316 N/cm (181 lbs/inches)
Temperature Resistance -73-315℃ (-100-600℉)
PTFE Coated Teflon Mesh Sheet For Laminated Glass

The PTFE mesh sheet is the ideal tool to help to vacuum during the production of laminated safety glass, use the PTFE open mesh sheet between the laminated glass in silicone vacuum bags. PTFE coated fiberglass mesh has 4mm x 4mm mesh hole for quick air movement during vacuuming, and at the same time offer quick releasing and protect silicone vacuum bags from breaking by the sharp corner of the glass.


Besides safety glass laminating (to use on top of laminated glass between silicone bag and glass for air movement), PTFE mesh is suitable for a very wide range of industries:

Teflon sheet for glass laminated furnace

A Real Case From McGRORY GLASS

Frequently Asked Questions

What size can you offer?

Any size is available from China Deer Hunter. Laminating glass process use Teflon mesh sheet in pieces like 2m x 3m, we recommend you to buy rolls like 2m x 50m and cut by yourself in order to save freight cost.

Can the Teflon mesh be cut?

Yes, you can cut with normal scissors.

Can this Teflon mesh sheet be reused?

Our Teflon mesh sheet is made by strong fiberglass mesh coated with enough PTFE, thus can be used over and over again.

Can you provide the sample for the test?

Normally we provide A4 size sample for free and customers take charge of freight cost.

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