PTFE Mesh For Laminated Glass

PTFE mesh is a permeable material composed of polytetrafluoride ethylene (PTFE) fibers. It is commonly used in glass laminating machines to provide a layer of protection for silicone vacuum bags from damage and to facilitate the evacuation of air during the vacuum process.

What is PTFE Mesh Sheet

PTFE mesh, also know as Teflon mesh, is a high temperature sheet made out of PTFE-coated fiberglass. It not only has excellent air ventilation, but its PTFE coating also ensures optimum release properties, making it widely used for laminated glass vacuuming processes. The sheets come in various shapes and sizes that can be customised to fit your needs. Their edges can also be wrapped with cloth or tapes for extra stability.

PTFE Mesh For Laminated Glass

Basic Specifications

Product Name PTFE Mesh Sheet
Material PTFE + Fiberglass
Model No. DH004D
Mesh Size 4mm * 4mm
Max Width 4000mm
Standard Length 30m, 33m, 50m, 100m
Thickness 1mm
Weight 580g/m2 (17.1 oz/sq yd)
Tensile Strength (warp) 560 N/cm (331 lbs/inches)
Tensile Strength (weft) 316 N/cm (181 lbs/inches)
Temperature Resistance -73-315℃ (-100-600℉)

PTFE mesh sheet is placed between the laminated glass and a silicone bag. The mesh holes with 4mm*4mm provide quick air movement during vacuuming, making it the ideal release sheet for glass lamination. What’s more, PTFE coated fiberglass provides an extra layer of protection to help a vacuum bag avoid scratches or punctures caused by sharp glass corners, and improves the overall efficiency and quality of the lamination process.

PTFE Coated . For Glass Laminating

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that consists of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with one or more layers of EVA films. This bonding process creates a strong overall structure, and in the event of a breakage, the pieces are held in place by the plastic interlayer, reducing the risk of injury from shattered glass fragments. Lamination is achieved through a process of vacuuming, high pressure, and high temperatures which ensures the permanent fusion between the substances.

PTFE coated mesh is a great choice for use in EVA laminating ovens, with openings of 4mm x 4mm to ensure maximum permeability under pressure. It can withstand high temperatures up to 360℃, reducing the pressure from the vacuum bag and preventing self-explosion at the same time.

PTFE Coated Mesh For Glass Laminating

Notable Features

Besides safety glass laminating (to use on top of laminated glass between silicone bag and glass for air movement), PTFE open mesh sheets are also are customizable for the widest range of market applications, from commercial food service to dye sublimation, industrial gasket sealing, and beyond.

PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

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Top 10 FAQs

How long does Teflon mesh last?

The lifespan of Teflon mesh depends on several factors, such as the frequency of use, the temperature and pressure settings of the laminating machine, and the type of glass being laminated. With proper care and maintenance, Teflon mesh can last for several years.

What size can you offer?

Deer Hunter has PTFE mesh fabric available in a variety of sizes. For glass lamination processes, we cut the fabric in pieces according to the size you need, like 2m x 3m, but you may want to consider purchasing rolls of 2m x 50m and cutting them down to size yourself to save on freight costs.

How is PTFE mesh used in an EVA lamination machine?

PTFE mesh is used as a release sheet in glass lamination to prevent the glass from sticking to the heating plates of the laminating machine. The mesh is placed between the glass layers and the silicon bag, allowing the glass to fuse together while preventing it from sticking to the silicone blanket.

Can Teflon mesh be folded into blocks?

Transporting Teflon mesh in foldable blocks is not recommended, as the internal properties and longevity of the material may be compromised. This means customers must factor in extra costs for freight forwarders who charge overlength fees.

How do I know if I need to replace my Teflon mesh?

If the Teflon coating is worn or damaged, or if the mesh is torn or frayed, it may need to be replaced. Additionally, if the mesh is not providing an adequate release, it may be time to replace it.

Can this Teflon mesh sheet be reused?

Our Teflon mesh sheet is designed to be strong and re-usable! It is constructed with a fiberglass mesh and then coated with PTFE on both sides. This provides a durable material that can be used over and over again without losing its quality or strength.

What size of mesh holes do you offer?

PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh belt includes mesh size 0.5mm*1mm, 1mm*1mm, 2mm*2mm, 2mm*2.5mm, 4mm*4mm and 10mm*10mm, and based on the different warp and weft, there are single weft and double weft open mesh conveyor belt.

How do I clean PTFE mesh sheet?

PTFE mesh sheets can be cleaned with soap and water or with a mild cleaning solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, as they can damage the Teflon coating. Be sure to dry the mesh thoroughly before using it again.

What's the difference between PTFE and Teflon?

There is NO DIFFERENCE. They are both exactly the same thing, the only difference between them is the name. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a fluoropolymer and is commonly known by its trade name, Teflon owned by Chemours.

How to order PTFE mesh?

That's very easy. Just send us an inquiry and let us know the size (width * length) and quantity you need.

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