Silicone Membrane Sheet For Solar PV Modules Lamination

On this page, I’d like to explore further the S2 generation silicone rubber sheet designed for the solar panel industry.

Solar Silicone Membrane Sheet - S2

In the lamination process of solar panel production, the workers encapsulate all components with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesive film to ensure that module layers remain secure. That will cause high heat to melt the EVA films (typically 145-155°C). That’s why those solar module makers need our flexible, resilient, and durable silicone membrane sheets specially designed for use in solar laminators to provide compression on the photovoltaic panels in repeated cycle life.

Silicone Membrane Sheet For Solar Photovoltaic Modules Lamination (S2)

Product Description

The S2 Gen is our original & most popular silicone rubber sheet quality – combining hi-elongation, good life cycle performance under controlled environments and very competitive pricing. It is an irreplaceable element applied for the lamination process of solar PV panels and is available with both sides smooth or single-sided fabric impression surface finish.

Technical Data Sheet

Model No. Silicone Membrane Sheet (S2)
Material Silicone/Silicone
Color Gray/Gray
Surface Finish Smooth/Smooth or Smooth/Textured
Reinforcing Layer 1 Ply Premium Grade Aramid Fabric
Hardness 70+/-2 Shore A
Density 1.25 ± 0.05g/cm3
Tensile Strength 12.5MPa
Tear Strength 48N/mm
Temperature Resistance 250°C / 482°F
Elongation 600%
Compression Set 2%
Resilience 30%


The S2 gray silicone diaphragm is our well-proven standard product. Look at the right image to get a clear view of its structure.

Deer Hunter’s grey solar membranes are well-known throughout the industry for their consistency and durability. With high tear and temperature resistance, these diaphragms are used worldwide on various solar module laminators.

How to Order Silicone Rubber Sheet for Solar Panel Laminator

Please let us know the dimensions you need, including thickness, width, and length. If possible, also advise your laminator brands.

Silicone Membrane Sheet For Solar PV Modules Lamination
High Temperature Teflon Sheet For Solar Panels Lamination

Choose the right item for your process, S2, S5, or S5+. High temperature Teflon fabrics can be offered with 0.25mm and 0.35mm.

Starting mass production, we will check inventory status first. Solar silicone membranes are usually available from stock, or can be produced within 7 days.

Silicone Membrane Sheet For Solar PV Panels Lamination
Silicone Membrane Sheets For Solar PV Modules Lamination

Packing and shipping are important. We guarantee there’s no damage during transportation and you get the rolls without any delay.

Lovely . From Our Esteemed Customers

Omar Treviño
Omar Treviño
ventas en TRELIZA
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Our team has been lucky enough to discover Deer Hunter, an exceptional supplier of essential silicone membranes for PV module lamination. Their products have proven themselves above and beyond our expectations. It is no wonder we look forward to building a long-term business relationship with them.
Prashant Yewalekar
Prashant YewalekarGeneral Manager at Agrawal Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd
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Young came out to help me with our cuttent problem on panels lamination, and was very thorough and polite. He explained a lot of dos and don'ts when installing a solar silicone rubber sheet. a huge thank you is deserved!
Bhupinder Kumar
Bhupinder Kumar
Director at Inter Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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Finding quality silicone membranes for solar module laminator can be daunting, but Deer Hunter has the solution. Not only do they offer different types that meet our needs precisely, I've also saved money from partnering with them. Looking forward to an ongoing successful business relationship in future endeavors.
Mulder Moon
Mulder Moon
General Manager at MMI International Co., Ltd
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As a seasoned trading agent in Korea, I'm proud to introduce Deer Hunter. The company stands out for its exceptional quality-price combination and our powerful connections within the renewable energy market, giving us high confidence of achieving success together.

Solar Membranes FAQs

Are you wondering if silicone rubber membrane is the right choice for your project? Our team is available to answer any questions you may have before submitting an official inquiry. We’ve compiled a list of the most common Frequently Asked Questions on the right to help you to make your own decision.

Can’t find the answer? Reach out to our customer support team.

The S2 Generation Silicone Membrane Sheet For Solar Modules Lamination

1. Is your silicone diaphragm with or without a splice?

In our factory our super-wide calandars ensure that you can install silicone rubber sheets with no seam marks visible on the back sheet to produce solar photovoltaic modules. More customers are placing our silicone membranes for their solar module laminators.

2. Is the membrane’s surface finish smooth/smooth or smooth/textured?

We find the question of surface finishes interesting - but in conclusion, we see no evidence that one option is better than another. Common sense says that a fabric impression will provide a natural venting path to aid release, especially in hot/sticky conditions. Most of our customers do prefer fabric impression 1 side and smooth 1 side. The physical properties of the material will be exactly the same irrespective of colour or surface finish - these do not change.

3. What can we do to extend the life of our sheet?

During the laminating period, silicone membranes transfer the laminator's temperature and pressure to modules. To give extended life in a solar panel laminator, a layer of PTFE coated fiberglass faric sheet between the modules and the membrane is often suggested. Usually thickness can be 0.25mm or 0.35mm.

4. What's the best silicone rubber sheet for solar module laminator?

This is really a vital question and can be best discussed together face-to-face. There is no one answer that is right for everybody. There are many determining factors that can affect the choice of silicone diaphragm for example type of encapsulant, the composition of the modules, size of the modules, the brand of laminator, and budget constraints, etc.

5. How long should a silicone rubber membrane last?

Commonly our data shows that The S2 upto 4,000 laminating cycles and The S5 upto 10,000 cycle life. As there are a number of variables beyond our direct control, it is very difficult to “guarantee” an exact cycle life.

6. What is your standard package?

For 1-5pcs, standard package is woven bags. When quantity is over 5pcs, they will be rolled inside a cardboard tube and then put onto pallets or into wooden cases. We will listen to our customers carefully.

7. Does color have any impact on membrane performance?

Based on feedback from customers worldwide, we can see no advantage or disadvantage of different colors. Actually, colors are now used to differentiate between suppliers.

8. What is EVA outgassing?

Outgassing refers to unwanted chemicals that are usually a bi-product of the process and temperature. These acidic fumes are emitted from adhesive or other components and can lead to corrosion of the Diaphragm/Membrane. This corrosion manifests itself in surface degradation (cracks) + excessive stretching & sagging.

9. Except silicone membrane, do you have other product name?

Although also called diaphragms, sheets, or membranes, the solar panel industry tends to use the term membrane.

Silicone Membranes For The Solar Industry

Deer Hunter – Asia’s leading manufacturer for special silicone rubber membranes for solar PV panels encapsulation in the renewable energy market. We can choose from a variety of laminator brands and types. Depending on the solar module production line requirements, our silicone membranes are specially designed to fit many brands of  solar panel laminators like Spire, Burkle, NPC, Meier, 2BG, Ecoprogetti, 3S, Komax, Electro Solar, Spaleck-Stevens, Nisshinbo, P-Energy, Mondragon, Boostsolar, Orient, ZST, etc.

Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For Boost Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For Meier Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For 3S Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For Burkle Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For Ecoprogetti Solar Laminators
Deer Hunter Silicone Membrane Sheet For NPC Solar Laminators

At last, you might be also interested in the other two types of solar silicone membranes from us.

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