Blue Vacuum Silicone Bag For Glass Laminating Machine

For the glass laminating field, you have found the right co-worker. Deer Hunter offers you a high elasticity silicone vacuum bag to create the best safety laminated glass.

Vacuum Silicone Bag

Silicone vacuum bags are highly essential in glass lamination, packing glass panels, EVA film interlayers and decorative inserts together and forming a vacuum inside that ensures successful completion of the process. 

Blue Vacuum Silicone Bag For Eva Glass Lamination

Product Overview

A set of vacuum silicone bag consists of one top silicone blanket and one bottom silicone sheet. Each vacuum bag is a combination of assembled parts with glue-bonding.

Top and bottom silicone membrane sheet edges are sophisticatedly embedded to each other, to make sealed room for vacuuming. The interlocking of edges and corners is easy. Edges and corners are specially modified, if locking strength grows larger when vacuum pressure becomes higher.

Technical Data Sheet

Model No. Silicone Vacuum Bag - E Shape
Material 100% environment friendly silicone rubber
Common Color Transparent and Blue
Surface Finish Smooth/Textured
Density 1.25 ± 0.05g/cm3
Hardness 50 ± 5 Shore A
Tensile Strength 9.5MPa
Tear Strength 32N/mm
Max. Temperature 250°C (482° F)
Elongation at Tear 650%
Compression Set ≤8%
Resilience 30%

Structure For Silicone Vacuum Bags

Each set of silicone vacuum bag is specially modified, including two silicone sheets, buckles and nozzles, also the tubes.
Top Layer And Lower Layer For A Blue Vacuum Silicone Bag
Silicone Sheet

Top blanket and bottom silicone

E Shape Design - Silicone Sealing Edges
Silicone Seals

E shape design

Vacuum Nozzles And Tubes For Vacuum Silicone Bags
Vacuum Nozzles & Tubes

Standard with 2 nozzles and 2M tube each

Aging Resistance Silicone Rubber For Vacuum Bag

High elasticity silicone sheets meet the most severe industrial tests. It resists abrasion, wears and tear up to a certain high degree. The material will not become brittle after numerous heating and cooling cycles. It is resistant to high vacuum pressure forces when wrapping around glass during vacuum.

Patented Silicone Blankets Edge Seal

Four edges are sealed by silicone strips with E shape design. Top silicone blanket begins to wrap downwards along glass edges until it gets in physically zero-gap contact with bottom silicone sheet. Top and bottom pad edges are specially designed, providing an airtight interlocking system. The higher the vacuum in between the top and bottom pads, the firmer the edges are sealed.

Vacuum Bag Sketch
Vacuum Bag Sketch - Nozzles In Width
Nozzles on the short side

(1) One only or more ports, depending on customers' requests.

Vacuum Bag Sketch - Nozzles In Length
Nozzles on the long side

(2) Positions of nozzles can be either on the long side or the wide.

Application areas

What is Vacuum Silicone Bag?

A vacuum silicone bag is widely used in EVA glass lamination process, thanks to their remarkable anti corrosive and high temperature resistance. The silicone vacuum bag is made of two pieces of silicone rubber sheets joined with sealing strips on the edges and corners. The bottom silicone sheet is textured to aid in airflow and reduce friction between the safety laminated glass. The air is evacuated from the bag by means of a hose and a nozzle also made of silicone rubber. Equipped with an E or U type seal, it ensures perfect tightness and facilitates closing or opening the bag.

Blue Vacuum Silicon Bag

Features and Benefits

Reusable . FAQs

1. Can you make a bag with 4M width X 6M length?

Width 4000mm is currently not available now because of our machine limit. Ideally, we can do width 3.75M. Till now, the biggest bag from our customer’s records is with size 3M X 6M and 3000mm X 8000mm. That was really big&heavy bags and the final packge should be a wooden case.

2. Can you make thickness 2mm or 1mm silicone vacuum bag?

The common thickness is 3mm. No matter it is transparent color or blue color, they are all standard grade quality. We also can make customized bag with THK 2mm or 1mm. But we should bond high tear strength silicone sheet (DH2211) as the top blanket and bottom silicone sheet. 

2mm thickness silicone vacuum bag for laminated glass
3. Does the color make a difference on the quality?

Colors never impact on the quality. At present, the common color is white or blue. Actually some customers also regard white color as translucent or transparent color. Somehow, in 2022 more and more customers are picking up blue color.

4. What is the distinction between External size and working area?

Usually customers tell us a size firstly, for example 1800mm X 3300mm. By default, we regard it as external size; so the real working area will be smaller than 1800mm X 3300mm. But one thing we must guarantee is that your machine’s space is big enough to accommodate the silicone vacuum seal bag.

5. Can you offer PTFE mesh for the bag?

Yes, we can. In order to support the extraction of air from the space of the silicone vacuum bag, it is good practice to additionally insert a PTFE open mesh inside. Lack of mesh can seal the silicone blanket on the glass and create air bubbles, resulting in inaccurate extraction of air and defects on the glass sheets. However, the use of PTFE mesh is only an example, other materials can be replaced as long as it is EVA resistance.

6. Can you provide more information about vacuum nozzles?

Vacuum nozzles (ports) and vacuum tubes (hoses) are important parts.

Vacuum Nozzle
7. Can you provide more information about vacuum tubes?
Inner Diameter 6mm Vacuum Tube
Outer Diameter 12mm Vacuum Tube
Inner Diameter 10mm Vacuum Tube
Outer Diameter 20mm Vacuum Tube
8. Do you want E-seals or U-seals on the four edges of a silicone vacuum bag?
U-seals vacuum silicone bag
E-seals Silicone Vacuum Bag

What Do Our Clients Say

I want to thank the team at deer hunter who made it possible for me to buy from China. The bag I received was the same as I expected. It met the quality standards and I would recommend DH to anyone in glass lamination.

Meriem Ettolba

Directeur général chez GROUPE ETTOLBA

5 stars for this company. Purchasing the bags from DH was 100% worth it. They follow strict quality management to avoid risks. That saved me time and money. I am very happy with the work that was performed.

Armando Valenzuela


DH is amazing. I learned this company from Google searching and now I'm working with them. Their staff are very thorough, capable, knowledgeable and patient. I'm absolutely satisfied with the service they offered.

Eric Cabero

Hornos Industriales Pujol

Why Choose Us

3mm * 2540 * 3760

3mm * 2550 * 3000

3mm * 2900 * 4000

3mm * 1420 * 3150

3mm * 1650 * 3150

3mm * 1900 * 2450

3mm * 1900 * 3200

3mm * 1950 * 2540

3mm * 2600 * 3700

3mm * 2250 * 3200

3mm * 2600 * 3600

3mm * 2000 * 3000

3mm * 1500 * 2500

3mm * 2000 * 3000

3mm * 3000 * 6000

3mm * 2590 * 4000

3mm * 1700 * 3000

3mm * 2115 * 3315

3mm * 1700 * 2600

3mm * 2150 * 3650

3mm * 2400 * 4200

3mm * 1800 * 3300

3mm * 1790 * 3000

3mm * 1700 * 2500

3mm * 1880 * 3330

3mm * 2150 * 3650

3mm * 1800 * 3300

3mm * 1880 * 3330

3mm * 2150 * 3650

3mm * 2420 * 5500

3mm * 1800 * 3400

3mm * 1950 * 3600

3mm * 1700 * 3800

3mm * 1800 * 2600

3mm * 1900 * 4250

3mm * 1960 * 3110

3mm * 2000 * 3000

3mm * 2600 * 3600

3mm * 2700 * 3700

3mm * 1651 * 3048

3mm * 2000 * 4000

3mm * 1200 * 2900

3mm * 2300 * 3200

3mm * 2000 * 3500

3mm * 1500 * 2900

3mm * 1600 * 2900

3mm * 2250 * 3250

3mm * 2100 * 3400

3mm * 1100 * 2600

3mm * 1680 * 3380

3mm * 2000 * 3000

3mm * 1900 * 3800

3mm * 2200 * 3600

3mm * 1710 * 3210

3mm * 2100 * 3100

3mm * 2500 * 4900

3mm * 1500 * 2500

3mm * 1500 * 3200

3mm * 1800 * 3200

3mm * 1980 * 3500

3mm * 2000 * 3000

3mm * 2000 * 3200

3mm * 2200 * 4000

3mm * 2000 * 3000

  • The above data are from our actural customers’ orders, based on external dimensions, not working area.
Package For Vauum Silicone Bags
Carton Boxes Package For Vauum Silicone Bags
Wooden Cases Package For Vauum Silicone Bags

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