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For Vacuum Ironing Tables & Steam Laundry Presses

Deer Hunter is one of the prestigious open cell silicone foam sheet manufacturers in China. These open cell silicone foam pads have become a very important part of their product range as due to their high resilience and low compression set. At present, two different types are available from us; one is open cell silicone foam and the other is closed cell sponge. Also, we have some other products like the fabric cover, felt, stainless steel mesh, copper mesh etc. All of these products are used on the garment finishing equipment like steam pressing machines, vacuum ironing tables and heat transfer pressing machines, etc.

What is open cell silicone foam sheet

What is open cell silicone foam sheet?

Open cell silicone foam sheet is a special light density polyurethane foam material with silicone mixture impregnated. Due to its silicone content, this compress material has about 3 times longer life cycles than latex foam. With superfine pores, it has very good vacuum properties and very good steam distribution. This silicone foam has a smooth surface and is a non toxic, non flammable material, and due to being lightweight, has virtually no outgassing. 

Product Features

Open cell silicone foam is the best optimal cover and pad for easily ironing on all pressing machines and ironing tables. Also excellent for ironing problematic fabrics.

Open cell silicone sponge sheet - red color

Commonly And Widely-Used Open Cell Silicone Foam - DH Series

A Brief Overview

DH series open cell foam sheets are highly silicone impregnated special polyurethane rubber based foam material. Qualities from Deer Hunter are available in different densities ranging from 0.1g/cm3 to 0.45g/cm3. Because of the excellent graduation between super soft and firm, optimal finish results will be obtained.  Rolls of 10 meters in widths of 1500mm. Some also possible in 1300mm and 1000mm. You can choose your die cut components to be supplied on a roll or on sheets.

Our open cell silicone foam enjoys many advantages like high-temperature resistance, great breathability, and superb flexibility. It’s been called the dream padding for the finishing equipment. In making higher quality garments, not only the sewing process but also the ironing process is very important. If you want to prevent from shining and getting mouldy problems, open cell silicone foam is your best option.

Item Information

Model No. DH-10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, SBF, R16
Density 0.10~0.45g/cm3
Standard Thickness 6mm, 10mm, 10mm, 15mm
Regular Size 1.5M * 10M, 1.3M * 10M, 1.0M * 10M
Quantity On Hand IN STOCK for immediate delivery
Features Heat resistant/Long life span/Excellent resilient force/Even steam penetration
Application It is specifically designed as an overpad to be used on vacuum ironing tables and pressing machines.
Weight Unit weight depends on its density only.

Now it is our great honor to introduce our top 10 open cell silicone foam sheets for vacuum ironing tables in apparel industry.

Model NO. 1: DH-10 Open Cell Silicone Foam

DH-10 is very soft. It is breathing well; very durable and with good elasticity; keeps your machine surface dry and clean, which helps your machine work longer.   (Above is our Regular size. We also offer any  other size according to your request.)

Model NO. 2: DH-15 Open Cell Silicone Foam

DH-15 is very elastic, super soft polyester foam, perfectly distributing air and steam. It is long periods of dampness resistant. Designed for multi-layer covers of ironing tables as the outer softening foam. Modern technologies of the soft clothing finishing [ironing] require usage of this type of foam. 

Model NO. 3: DH-20 Open Cell Silicone Foam

DH-20 is made from the most durable materials to withstand the most rigorous temperatures and also breaths well; very much durable; and with excellent elasticity.

Model NO. 4: DH-25 Open Cell Silicone Foam

DH-25 was developed with superfine pores, extra smooth surface for good steam distribution. It is an useful and economic alternative to Latex foam which is not produced any more. Its good iron results and longer lifetime are self-explanatory.

Model NO. 5: DH-30 Open Cell Silicone Foam

DH-30 silicone foam press pads are optimal underpads for easily ironing on all pressing machines and ironing tables. Flame retardant material with flexibility retained even in extreme low temperatures.

Model NO. 6: DH-35 Open Cell Silicone Foam

DH-35 keeps your machine surface dry and clean, which helps your machine works much longer. 

Model NO. 7: DH-40 Open Cell Silicone Foam

DH-40 in 6mm/10mm is a special polyurethane soft material. It is specifically designed as an overpad to be used on vacuum ironing tables and pressing machines.

Model NO. 8: DH-45 Open Cell Silicone Foam

DH-45 breaths well; very much durable; and with excellent elasticity. It has a smooth skin, but not available with pressure sensitive adhesive on one or both sides.

Model NO. 9: DH-SBF-10 Open Cell Silicone Foam

Very good elasticity and ventilation with long life span. It is a more economic version compared to other models.

Model NO. 10: DH-R16-10 Open Cell Silicone Foam

R16 with light density, flexible material with a smooth skin on both sides, features an especially smooth surface and is extremely elastic and absolutely suitable for sensitive ironing fabrics.

Open Cell Silicone Foam Sheet FAQs:

1. What do I need to cover my vacuum ironing tables?

This is the most common concern among our customers. If you are still indecisive, hope below details could get the puzzle out of your mind.

Layer 1: Fabric Cover More breathable and durable
Layer 2: Non-woven Felt Prevent dust and have good absorption
Layer 3: Open Cell Silicone Foam Flame retardant and long lifecycle
Layer 4: Perforated Silicone Foam Pad High temperature resistance
Standard Configuration - Covers For Ironing Table
2. Besides open cell silicone foam, can I order other accessories from Deer Hunter?

I’d like to provide solutions for your applications. You can also get other spare parts from us.

3. How long does your open cell silicone foam take to use? Or how many hours can be used?

To be honest, that’s really a tricky question, because operating conditions and controls can be very different from company to company. And also different densities is more likely to become a variable. For futher discussion, you can contact our technical team via email

4. What is your detailed package?

Our standard package is white woven bags. Some customers also require carton boxes. However, ctn boxes will cause more shipping costs.

Wovens bags packing for open cell silicone foam sheets
Carton boxes packing for open cell silicone foam sheets
5. How do I choose the shipping mode, by air or by sea?

Based on volume or actual weight? That’s the question troubling many customers. Usually, shipping cost by air will be subject to volume weight. Shipping cost by sea will be depending on cargo’s volume. By sea is preferred. For urgent delivery, by air is your choice.

6. “I need heat reistant silicone foam.” Or “my application is for heat transfer machine.” What should I do?

For the special request on high temperature resistance (180~200℃) among our customers, our laboratory developed HS series, which means heat resistant open cell silicone foam sheets. Click on below button and you will explore more in another new page.

7. Do you provide some technical resourcess for downloading?

For DH series open cell silicone foam sheets, the main sales destinations are the apparel industry and the cleaning industry, but they are also used in other industries. Open cell foam sheet is a cushioning that has been impregnated with silicone with a unique know-how to urethane sponge, without losing its air permeability, and its heat resistance has been dramatically improved. We are widely delivered to apparel machine manufacturers, cleaning equipment dealers, sewing shops, etc. And also you can download our latest catalog and MSDS for soft silicone foam sheet:

8. Why choose China Deer Hunter?

As a premier manufacturer and supplier for all types of open cell silicone foam sheets, our products are gaining popularity among lots of customers from all around the world, such as apparel factories, laundry equipment suppliers, local whosalers, etc. Our partners are an important part of the products and services we produce. They deliver innovative, and cost-effective solutions that meet our high standards of quality and performance and enable us to solve our customers’ most pressing challenges.

25% increase in the sales of open cell silicone foam and fabric

We have been supplying all types of spare parts for the industrial ironing and dry-cleaning field, luckily we find Deer Hunter as our direct supplier . We really appreciate the support they are providing. Now, Unica has experienced a 25% increase in the sales of open cell silicone foam and fabric.

Giovanni Belluscio

Giovanni Belluscio

Director, UNICA SRL

SAB company
our main supplier of polyester fabric and felt

We are an Algerian laundry company. Working with deer hunter was really happy. For our local customers, we regard DH as our main supplier of polyester fabric and felt. Both are important paddings for steam ironing press. I'm considering to become a distributor in Arabia area.

Riad Belaroussi

Riad Belaroussi

Directeur des Ventes, SAB sarl

Epic group
We recommend DH-20 open cell silicone foam for ironing tables

For EPIC, the process of selecting a new supplier is very sophisticated and strict, and must follow our company's international guidelines. From testing samples to mass production, Young helped us a lot. If you are a garment factory, we recommend DH-20 open cell silicone foam for ironing tables.

Ranga Perera

Ranga Perera

Head of Maintenance, Epic Group

Brown Manufacturing
Black open cell silicone foam is also available

Deer hunter offers high level customer service and product satisfaction. Customized products, like black open cell silicone foam is also available. They are mainly used for our screen printing equipment and heat transfer machines. Moreover, we got the cargo very quickly.

Jesse Henkel

Jesse Henkel

Project Lead, Brown MFG Group

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