Vacuum Press Membranes

for the woodworking, Thermoforming, automobile, aircraft, solar and glass industries

Vacuum Press Membranes For Thermoforming And Woodworking

Vacuum press membranes, also called vacuum membranes or silicone membranes, are mainly used for woodworking vacuum presses in bending, forming, laminating and veneering flat and curved surfaces. Our silicone membranes have built a good reputation worldwide for their high elasticity and durability. The silicone membrane is versatile due to its ability to withstand high and low extremes with its broad working temperature range. Unlike natural rubber membranes, our silicone rubber membranes are available in different durometers, as well as smooth or textured surfaces, ensuring that each customer can find the correct silicone membrane for their veneer pressing, wood bending, and composite materials lamination application. Building on its success, Deer Hunter continues to research and develop thermoforming silicone plates specific to the various industries they serve.

Thickness 1mm Silicone Membrane Sheet For Vacuum Presses



Thickness 2mm Silicone Rubber Sheet For Vacuum Presses



Thickness 3mm Silicone Diaphragm For Vacuum Presses



Product Overview

Our vacuum membranes are used in the production of wood veneers and thermofoil door panels for industry leaders who demand quality silicone. Our long history working with them has helped us develop a reputation as a reliable supplier, always producing top-quality rubber membranes that you can trust to do what they were designed for – protecting your projects from damage caused by temperature changes or dampness.

Technical Data Sheet

Model No. DH2211 - high tear strength silicone membrane
Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
Thickness tolerance ± 0.2mm
Width Max up to 3800mm
Length On request
Density 1.25 ± 0.05g/cm3
Tensile strength, 11.5Mpa
Hardness 40 ± 5 ShA
Elasticity 860%
Tear strength 45N/mm
Working temperature from -60°C till +230°C, max +250°C
Color Transparent grey
Surface Smooth or Textured

Applications of High Elasticity Silicone Membranes

If your vacuum membrane presses are from brand manufactuers, such as GLOBAL, ADAMIK, ARTEX, BYT, BARTH, BUGATOOL, ELKOM, ISTRA-A, ORMA, RIBEX, WISCHT, Vac-U-Clamp, etc., you are in the right place. The versatility of our silicone membranes is unparalleled. It’s an excellent choice for many industries and will provide you with the protection your business needs. Take a look at one of our applications and choose the right silicone membrane you need. You can also watch the below video to get a full view of our thermoforming silicone plates. One of brand vacuum membrane press manufacturers is using our silicone rubber membrane to make thermoforming solid surface materials.

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Vacuum Forming Silicone Membranes For Woodworking industry

Veneering, laminating and bending wood

Vacuum Forming Silicone Membranes For Thermofoil industry
Thermofoil industry

3D thermoforming of PVC decorative foils

Vacuum Forming Membranes For Solid surface industry
Solid surface industry

Preheating and vacuum forming Solid Surface materials

Vacuum Forming Membranes For Composite industry
Composite industry

Pressing and vacuum forming of composite materials

Vacuum Forming Membranes
Sublimation industry

Large-format sublimation of hard and thermoformable substrates

Vacuum Forming Membranes For Automotive industry
automobile and aircraft industries

Production of car dashboards, side panels, covers and wood trims

Silicone membrane with single-sided textured surface

Textured silicone membrane can be widely used for vacuum forming solid surface materials, thermoplastics such as acrylic, PVC, and are also suitable for wood/MDF door and furniture 3D foil lamination. Because of its high temperature resistance and textured finish, the membrane has proven to be the superior choice for vacuum heat presses, where continuous air evacuation is needed.

Silicone sheet with single-sided textured surface 3mm Thickness

How To Order Vacuum Press Membranes

Tell us your application firstly. And we can recommend the right silicone membrane.

Vacuum membranes Used for Vacuum Presses
smooth vacuum forming silicone membrane

Please let us know the dimensions you need, including thickness, width, and length.

Package can be folded inside carton boxes or wrapped in coils on pallets or wooden cases.

Vacuum membrane shipping - China Deer Hunter
Vacuum membranes packing - Chiina Deer Hunter

We take the shipment by sea or by air. Or you can arrange your own forwarder contact us.

What Our Clients Say


After getting acceptable pricing on 12 un silicone membrane 40 shore A with 3600x2000x3mm, we know Deer Hunter is a longtime friend and strategic partner whom we trust most, possesses one of the finest vacuum forming technologies and always provides our company with the highest quality silicone membrane. Cooperation with DH is very happy and successful.

Paulo  Durão
Paulo  Durão

Director Of Production at Filstone


I purchased 2pcs & 2mm X 1750mm X 2050mm high temperature resistance silicone membrane from DH at an affordable price. Our vacuum table is working very well with incredible turnaround times. In this pro-covid time,  what we have now is a practical approach and everyone just take good care of himself and keep going. In addition, Young is a nice easy-going guy and help me a lot, thanks!

Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes

Owner of Jonathan Barnes Furniture


We are looking for the silicone membrane 2 or 3 mm thickness, transparent, 1500 mm wide 14000 mm length. I see that DH2211 would be great. After further negotiation with Young, he really gave me some practical suggestions. Finally, we bought 2mm X 1500mm X 14M as a trial order. It is now working very well for veneer pressing and wood bending in our furniture production.

Piotr Ludwiczak
Piotr Ludwiczak

Kierownik regionalny ds. sprzedaży w Kabex


Finding the bespoke size and material for thermoforming our custom cabinet doors can be a challenge – luckily, Deer Hunter has come to the rescue. Their generous no-minimum order quantity policy allows enthusiasts like me to get exactly what we need. And with their willingness to cut according to our exact specifications, buying 1pc & 6ft x 11ft of silicone membrane material just got easy.

Lary Skow
Lary Skow

Director at Distinctive Wood Products

Why Choose Us

This specially formulated silicone membrane material provides excellent elongation and high tear properties, which increases the production lifecycles of the vacuum or lamination process far longer than those experienced by organic polymers.

Silicone Membrane Sheet For Global Vacuum Presses
Silicone Membrane Sheet For Legnopro Thermofoiling PVC
Silicone Membrane Sheet For Schultz Forming Products
  • The above data are from our actual customers’ orders.
Carton box packing for vacuum forming membranes
Pallet packing for vacuum forming silicone membranes
Wooden cases packing for silicone vacuum membranes


1: Silicone membranes VS Natural rubber membranes?

Silicone membranes offer superior strength, high elasticity and films that are high temperature resistance up to 250°C. Many silicone membranes are highly recommended for woodworking and furniture production. Unlike natural rubber membranes, silicone membrane exhibits excellent extremes in weather conditions including temperature, sulfurization and UV exposure. In addition, some silicone membranes are designed to be hydrophobic making them a better choice in wet or humid environments. Natural rubber membrane is a kind of vulcanized natural rubber sheets, only developed for vacuum membrane presses with working temperature till 100-130°C. It is typically a less expensive choice than silicone membrane; however, it is best used in areas that have mild weather conditions or indoors with limited exposure to sunlight.

2: How much does silicone membrane cost?

The cost of silicone membranes can vary drastically depending on the material, size and complexity of applications. Generally speaking, prices for thin silicone membranes range from $20 to $30 per square meter, while thick membranes can range from $60 to $80 per square meter. Just tell us the dimension and quantity you want, and then we will give you some discount on our vacuum press membranes.

3: Which material is most commonly used in vacuum membrane presses?

Vacuum membrane presses are commonly used to process a wide variety of materials including wood veneer, metal, composite materials, rubber, plastic and fiberboard. Under high working temperature over 130°C, high tear resistant silicone membrane (DH2211) is the best vacuum press membrane material.

4: What can damage silicone membrane?

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and extreme temperatures can damage silicone membranes and reduce their effectiveness. They are also prone to oxidation and degradation due to exposure to some harsh chemicals and solvents. To extend the life of your silicone membrane, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

5: How long does silicone membrane last?

That's really a tricky question.There are many factors outside of our control. Silicone membranes are known for their long life span and extreme durability. This type of membrane is often referred to as “elastomeric”, which means it is capable of stretching under stress and then returning back to its original shape. With proper installation and maintenance, our high elasticity silicone membrane can last well over 5 years.

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