Fabric Cover For Ironing Table And Steam Press Machine

Fabric cover, as a final cover cloth, is a fantastic and extremely durable fabric with good ventilation. Synthetically made, it is extremely popular for its easy maintenance, durability, strength, and resistance. Extremely user-friendly, the fabric cover available in the market today is thin and can be strectchy or not stretchy with an incredibly luxurious texture. One of the best reasons for using ironing fabric is that this material does not require extensive dry cleaning. Quite easy to clean, fabric cover is easy to maintain and remove wrinkles. All you need is a little bit of hot water and some fabric care tips.

Blue polyester fabric is just one of our common ironing table covers. Our fabric cover fabric can be available in many colors, if you have special requirement, we can offer customized products. Part of fabric cover with stretch, and other parts without stretch. Meanwhile, we mainly have two kinds of material, which are polyester and aramid. Fabric covers can be polyester fabric cover with stretch (#11 – blue color, #12 – green color) or polyester fabric cover without stretch (#18 – blue color) for standard temperture resistance. But for high temperature resistance, we recommend aramid fabric cover (#20 – white color, without stretch).

#11 Polyester Fabric Cover

With Strecth, 1.5M*100M per roll, White Color

#12 Polyester Fabric Cover

With Strecth, 1.5M*100M per roll, White Color

#17 Polyester Fabric Cover

Without Strecth, 1.6M*100M per roll, Ligh Green

#18 Polyester Fabric Cover

Without Strecth, 1.5M*100M per roll, Blue Color

#20 Aramid Fabric Cover

Without Strecth, 1.6M*100M per roll, White Color

White Felt

Deer Hunter offers a variety of felts with different heat resistance and thickness. Generally they are used to spread the steam equally and to protect the clothing from spots caused by uneven steam distribution. The most commonly used felts are made of Polyester which offers a sufficient range of temperature resistance for most applications at a competitive price.

P-902 Felt

1.6M x 20M

P-802 Felt

1.5M x 25M

Non-Woven Felt

1.5M x 100M

PPS-W-1 Felt

1M x 20M

PE-W-1 Felt

1M x 40M


1.5M x 20M

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