Silicone Sheet For Solar Panels Lamination

Let’s dive into the world of solar silicone sheets with a quick introduction. Here we go!

Silicone Rubber Sheet For Solar Panel Manufacture

Silicone rubber sheet, also called silicone rubber membrane or silicone diaphragm, is applied for the lamination process of crystalline solar panels. During encapsulating the solar PV panels, the silicone sheet transfers the laminator’s temperature and pressure to modules. Our silicone sheets can work over 10,000 laminating cycles with good eva resistant ability. As a pioneering silicone sheet provider in China, Deer Hunter has been proactively engaging with many solar panel manufacturers to develop custom-crafted sheets that guarantee optimal performance of their modules. This strong collaboration will continue driving innovation for both parties for years to come.

As technology progresses, Deer Hunter has introduced three types of silicone membranes for solar panel industry. They are S2, S5, and S5+. The solar silicone rubber sheet is mainly designed to protect the crystalline solar panels and the lamination equipment in extreme temperatures.

S2 Generation
Silicone Backing Material
S5 Generation
Hybrid Covering Layer
S5+ Generation
FKM Covering Layer

Silicone Rubber Membrane for Solar Panel Production

As a premier producer of glass and solar industry solutions, Deer Hunter is blazing the trail with their production of ultra EVA resistant silicone membranes for lamination on solar PV panels. Their commitment to innovation allows them to be at the forefront of creating cutting-edge products designed specifically for this ever evolving renewable energy market.

The lamination process involves pumping the air out of the module layers in a vacuum chamber, heating the layers to melt the encapsulant, and pressing the layers together with a flexible diaphragm or membrane to embed the cells in the encapsulant and adhere the front and back sheets. The flexible silicone rubber sheet is attached to the top of the vacuum chamber, and a set of valves allows the space above the diaphragm to be evacuated.

Membrane for the lamination of photovoltaic panels
Silicone Membrane Sheets for the lamination of solar photovoltaic panels

Mutual properties of silicone rubber sheet

Ordering Process of Silicone Rubber Sheet From Deer Hunter

Please let us know the sizes you need, including thickness, width, and length. If possible, also advise the brand of your solar laminators.

Silicone Rubber Sheet for Boostsolar Laminator
Silicone Sheet for Boostsolar Laminator

Choose the right item for your process, S2 Gen, S5 Gen, or S5+ Gen. High temperature Teflon PTFE sheet can be offered with 0.25mm and 0.35mm.

Starting mass production, we will check inventory status firstly. Solar membranes are usually available from stock and can be produced within 7 days.

silicone membrane sheet for solar panel laminators
cardboard tube package for silicone membrane for solar laminator

Packing and shipping are important. We guarantee there’s no damage during transportation and you get the rolls without any delay.

Testimonials From Our Beloved Customers

Georg Dudov Chairman of the board at ERDM Solar SA de CV

"We are a premier solar module manufactuer in Mexico. I purchased silicone sheet 4mm X 4850mm X 3050mm for my Meier solar panel laminator. Till now, it is working well and running over 10000 times.That's really unbelievable. It is very happy to find Deer Hunter. They give us a very good reputaion in our locality and we can provide our customers with the cheap price and very high quality."

Sunita Ravikumar Manager – Export & Import at SRIVASAVI ADHESIVE TAPES PVT LTD

“We are a trader and importer in India and have requirement of silicone membrane fabric Lined silicone rubber sheet for solar module laminator 4mm * 2300mm * 4800mm. It is very fast shipping, good and 100% exactly same as described. All works great now. Obviously Deer Hunter is five stary of quality suppliers. We will certainly buy again from DH and I wish you the business is thriving.”

Christian Hillepold Head of SCM and Strategic Purchase at Energetica Industries GmbH 

"For manufacturing high-tech photovoltaic modules, we are installing two sizes for our SM INNOTECH solar laminators. 1) 4400 x 3100mm and 2) 5600 x 2350mm. What impressed me most was their quality grey silicone rubber sheet and fast shipment. Working with Deer Hunter has been a fantastic experience, making them an indispensable partner in my supply chain from China."

    Why Choose Us

    When it comes to choosing a reliable supplier, trust is everything. Here you are in the right place to decide the right silicone rubber sheet for solar module laminator. Our silicone membranes are specially designed to fit many brands of solar module laminator like Spire, Burkle, NPC, Meier, 2BG, Ecoprogetti, 3S, Komax, Electro Solar, Spaleck-Stevens, Nisshinbo, P-Energy, Mondragon, Boostsolar, Orient, ZST, etc.

    Deer Hunter Silicone Sheets For ERDM SOLAR
    Deer Hunter Silicone Sheets For EMMVEE solar
    Deer Hunter Silicone Sheets For Alfa Solar Enerji
    Deer Hunter Silicone Sheets For Goldi solar
    Deer Hunter Silicone Sheets For Kaylon solar PV
    Deer Hunter Silicone Sheets For Vikram Solar
    • The above data are from our actual customers’ orders. They are from USA, Mexico, Germany, Poland, India, Turkey, South Korea, etc.
    Woven Bags Package For Solar Silicone Sheets
    Wooden Palles Package For Solar Silicone Sheets
    wood cases for silicone membrane for solar laminator

    Solar Silicone Sheet FAQs

    1. This membrane is not 4mm. Why did you send lower than 4mm? Secondly which side for glass black or grey?
    Structure For Black-Grey Silicone Membrane For Solar PV Panels Lamination
    2. What’s the best silicone sheet for solar modules lamination?

    This is really a vital question and can be best discussed together face-to-face. There is no one answer that is right for everybody. There are many determining factors that can affect the choice of silicone sheets. For example type of encapsulant, the composition of the modules, size of the modules, a brand of laminator, and budget constraints, etc.

    3. How long should a silicone sheet last?

    Commonly our data shows that The S2 Gen – 4,000cycles + The S5 Gen (The S5+ Gen) – more than 10,000 cycles. As there are a number of variables beyond our direct control, it is very difficult to “guarantee” an exact cycle life.

    4. Does color or surface finish have any impact on the membrane's performance?

    Based on feedback from many solar panel manufacturers worldwide, we can see no advantage or disadvantage of different colors, or indeed surface finish. Actually, colors are now used to differentiate between suppliers. To be honest, most customers prefer to place an order after testing some samples. It is not a big question.

    5. What can you explain more about the cycle life of a silicone sheet?

    It can be variable as there are many factors outside of control. The improved performance of the material offers the potential for significant improvement, depending on the operating conditions.

    6. Can you do width over 3000mm (3M)?

    Ideally, we can make MAX width up to 3800mm. However, no customer ever needs such width. Some of our regular solar industry customers ever purchased width 3100mm and 3200mm silicone rubber sheet from us. Usually, we do the cutting according to their final dimensions.

    7. What is EVA outgassing?

    During the lamination / encapsulation process of EVA volatile outgassing occurs. Outgassing refers to unwanted chemicals that are usually a bi-product of the process and temperature. These acidic fumes are emitted from adhesive or other components and can lead to corrosion of the Diaphragm/Membrane. This corrosion manifests itself in surface degradation (cracks) + excessive stretching & sagging. 

    8. How can we tell the difference of Deer Hunter solar silicone sheets?

    As technology progresses, there are three types of silicone membranes for the solar industry. Please check or download below technical data sheet for your further distinction.

    Technical Specifications - S2
    Technical Specifications - S5
    Technical Specifications - S5+

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