We – Deer Hunter is foscusing on excellent quality silicone ironing pads to worldwide. For more inforamtion about different available types, sizes and thicknesses, please take a look at below details.

Perforated Silicone Foam Pad For Ironing Table

Perforated foamed silicone ironing pads are Made in China following the latest strict regulations. It is produced of 100% high quality silicone and for this reason provides the best durability of all foams. The foam can be used directly upon the heated metal plate and should be fixed by spots of silicone glue.
Used at normal strain as a lower ironing pad it will last up to 5 years! The material is durable elastic, distributes the steam and protects the upper layers and the clothing. All these characterictics make it the indispensable base for every high quality padding.

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5 - 10° Shore A Soft Silicone Foam Pads For Ironing Tables - Red Color
5 - 10° Shore A

used as a very soft lower padding, especially at ironing trousers and delicate clothing.

15 - 21° Shore A Medium Silicone Foam Pads For Ironing Tables - White Color
15 - 21° Shore A

as a standard lower padding. It spreads the steam and protects the intermediate padding and the clothing.

27 - 33° Shore A Hard Silicone Foam Pads For Ironing Tables - Blue Color
27 - 33° Shore A

used as a hard lower padding.  It spreads the steam and protects the intermediate padding and the clothing.

6 Factors You Want to Know Firstly

1. Character

2. Many colors available


3. Standard size

4. Hardness degree shore A

5. Purpose

Mainly used on vacuum ironing table and steam press machine

6. Free samples

Minimum Order: 1 piece

Red Silicone Rubber Paddings

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier for the garment industry and we supply many kinds of silicone sponge pad and silicone foam mat according to our customers’ requests.

The perforated silicone foam pad does not harden with use. Therefore the optimum ironing effect remains throughout the life of the pad. This can be five years or longer if the following instructions are observed:

Beige Silicone Rubber Paddings

4 Points You Gotta Pay More Attention

1. Avoid overheating

It is heat resistant foam pad, avoiding temperatures in excess of 180°C (356°F) when working with steam. Dry heat is acceptable to 200°C (392°F) and can exceed 200°C (392°F) for short periods of time.

2. Avoid mechanical damage

Inserting needle, undue stretching and attaching fastening devices, e.g., tension springs, will shorten the service life.

3. Always place dimple side down.

Avoid uneven distribution of pressure as this leads to one-sided stressing of the pad.

4. Select the appropriate ironing pressure

It is highly resilient. Readjustment of the ironing pressure is not necessary once the appropriate pressure has been selected.

Eco-friendly Product

Deer Hunter silicone foam pad is eco-friendly and safe for users because no toxic blowing agents are used at production and the important but cost-intensive post-curing is accomplished with the utmost care. In lack of this due care cheap imitations often contain volatile and toxic components which will evaporate when put into use.

At the end of its lifetime, the foam will degrade to harmless silicium sand.

Originally made as ironing textiles and press paddings used in the clothing industry, these foams can also be used in other design applications. It is a silicone coated foam made by a unique production method using ultrasound vibrations, which distribute the silicone evenly within the foam. This technique prevents the formation of air bubbles between the silicone coating and the foam.

Pressing a conventional silicone foam pad will destroy the homogeneous silicone surface due to bursting air bubbles. This reduces the heat resistance and the durability of the foam. This ironing pad is available in many different qualities, colors and thicknesses.

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