Silicone Sheets For Solar Modules Lamination

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Silicone Rubber Sheet For Solar PV Panels Encapsulation

Silicone rubber sheet, also called silicone rubber membrane or silicone diaphragm, is applied for the lamination process of solar photovoltaic panels. During encapsulating the solar PV panels, the silicone sheet transfers the laminator’s temperature and pressure to modules. Our silicone sheets can work work over 10,000 laminating cycles with good EVA-resistant ability. As a China silicone sheet manufacturer, Deer Hunter has been building good relations of cooperation with the leading solar laminator manufacturers to develop and research silicone sheets that meet the specific requirements of solar modules manufacturing.

As technology progresses, Deer Hunter has introduced three types of silicone rubber sheets for solar PV panels lamination. They are 2nd Gen5th-lite Gen, and 5th Gen. The solar membranes are mainly designed to protect the PV panels and the lamination equipment in extreme temperatures.

The 2nd Generation
Both Sides Silicone
The 5th-lite Generation
The 5th Generation

Membrane for the lamination of photovoltaic panels

Deer Hunter, a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of silicone rubber sheets, is specialized in the production of ultra resistant membranes for the lamination of photovoltaic panels.

The lamination process involves pumping the air out of the module layers in a vacuum chamber, heating the layers to melt the encapsulant, and pressing the layers together with a flexible diaphragm or membrane to embed the cells in the encapsulant and adhere the front and back sheets. The flexible membrane is attached to the top of the vacuum chamber, and a set of valves allows the space above the diaphragm to be evacuated.

Membrane for the lamination of photovoltaic panels
Silicone Membrane Sheets for the lamination of solar photovoltaic panels

Mutual properties of our solar silicone sheets

  • Combining the study of new materials and advanced production technologies, we are capable of delivering customized solutions according to customer’s needs.

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Solar Silicone Sheets FAQs:

1. What’s the best silicone sheet for solar modules lamination?

This is really a vital question and can be best discussed together face-to-face. There is no one answer that is right for everybody. There are many determining factors that can affect the choice of silicone sheets. For example type of encapsulant, the composition of the modules, size of the modules, a brand of laminator, and budget constraints, etc.

2. How long should a silicone sheet last?

Commonly our data shows that The 2nd Gen – 4,000cycles + The 5th-lite Gen (The 5th Gen) – more than 10,000 cycles. As there are a number of variables beyond our direct control, it is very difficult to “guarantee” an exact cycle life.

3. Does color or surface finish have any impact on the membrane's performance?

Based on feedback from customers worldwide, we can see no advantage or disadvantage of different colors, or indeed surface finish. Actually, colors are now used to differentiate between suppliers.

4. What can you explain more about membrane cycle life?

It can be variable as there are many factors outside of control. The improved performance of the material offers the potential for significant improvement, depending on the operating conditions.

5. Can you do width over 3000mm (3M)?

Ideally, we can make MAX width up to 3800mm. However, no customer ever needs such width. Some of our regular customers ever purchased 3100mm and 3200mm silicone sheets from us. Usually, we do the cutting according to customers’ final dimensions.

6. How can we tell the difference of Deer Hunter solar silicone sheets?

As technology progresses, there are three types of silicone membranes for the solar industry. Please check or download below technical data sheet for your further distinction.

Technical Specifications - The 2nd Gen
Technical Specifications - The 5th-lite Gen
Technical Specifications - The 5th Gen

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