Silicone Membrane Sheets For Vacuum Forming

Silicone Membranes For Vacuum Presses

Silicone membranes, also so-called silicone sheets, are mainly used for woodworking vacuum presses in the process of veneering, laminating and bending wood. Our silicone membranes have built a good reputation world-wide for their elasticity and durability. The silicone membrane is versatile due to its ability to withstand high and low extremes with its broad working temperature range. Silicone is available in different durometers, as well as smooth or textured surfaces, ensuring that each customer can find the correct membrane for their veneer pressing, wood bending, and composites lamination application. Building on their success, Deer Hunter continues to research and develop silicone rubber products specific to the various industries they serve.







Product Overview

Deer Hunter provides silicone rubber membranes used in the production of wood veneer and thermofoil door panels in the woodworking industry. For over 20 years we have developed a reputation for the reliability and quality of our silicone membranes, working with some of the industry leaders in cabinet manufacturing and wood veneer production. You can trust our silicone membranes for all your woodworking needs.

Technical Data Sheet

Model No.: DH2211 - high tear strength silicone membrane
Thickness, mm: 1, 2, 3
Thickness tolerance, mm: +/- 0.2
Width, mm: Max up to 3800mm
Length, m: On request
Density, g/cm3: 1.25 ± 0.05
Tensile strength, Mpa: 11.5
Hardness, ShA: 40 ± 5
Elasticity, %: 860%
Tear strength, N/mm: 45
Working temperature, °C : from -60 till +230, max +250
Color: Transparent grey
Surface: Smooth

Applications of Silicone Membranes

Our silicone membranes can be used for for many different industries. Take a look at one of our applications and choose the right silicone membrane you need. You can also watch the right video to get a full view of our membrane. One of brand vacuum press manufactuers is using our silicone membrane to make thermoforming solid surface materials.



Veneering, laminating and bending wood

Thermofoil industry

3D thermoforming of PVC decorative foils

Solid surface industry

Preheating and vacuum forming Solid Surface materials

Composite industry

Pressing and vacuum forming of composite materials

Sublimation industry

Large-format sublimation of hard and thermoformable substrates

Automotive industry

Production of car dashboards, side panels, covers and wood trims

Silicone sheet with single-sided textured surface

Textured silicone sheet can be used for vacuum forming solid surface materials (CORIAN, HI- MACS, STARON, Hanex, Avonite, Krion, etc.), thermoplastic such as acrylic, PVC, and also suitable for wood/MDF door and furniture 3D foil lamination. Because of its high-temperature resistance and textured finish, the membrane has proven to be the superior choice for vacuum heat presses, where continuous air evacuation is needed.

How Do You Order Vacuum Membranes From Deer Hunter

Step 1 - Purpose ?

Tell us your application firstly. And we can recommend the right silicone membrane.

Step 2 - Size ?

Dimension should include thickness, width and length you need.

Step 3 - Packing ?

Package can be folded inside carton boxes or wrapped in coils on pallets.

Step 4 - Shipping ?

We take the shipment by sea or by air. Or your own shipping forwarder contact us.

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