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Silicone Sheet For Solar Laminators

Gray Silicone Rubber Sheet Roll For Meyer Solar Laminator

Gray Silicone Rubber Sheet Roll For Meyer Solar Laminator

Although also called diaphragms, sheets, or membranes, the solar panel industry tends to use the term membrane.

Silicone Rubber Sheets – Your complete source for speciality industrial rubber sheets for powering lamination equipment.


WE one of Asia’s leading suppliers of high performance silicone sheeting products. These include Silicone Membranes – preferred for use on lamination equipment for forming or thermo-pressing photovoltaic panels, vinyl foil vaneers on woodwork and composites in aerospace, F1 cars, marine and other general products.



  • Single or Double sided fabric impression surface finish
  • Silicone has good reusability & durability when exposed to high pressures & elevated temperatures
  • Silicone has extraordinary “drawdown” stength & resilience when forming complex & sharp definitions
  • Silicone has good resistance to weathering, ozone, hot water, low pressure steam, alcohols, diethylene glycol & more

Standard dimensions

Width:                                   Max up to 3800mm
Material thickness:               4 mm or 3mm
Fabrication even beyond the standard width


Technical Data Sheet of Silicone Rubber Sheet



Our Main Partners

Application- used for Solar Module Laminators

Silicone Rubber Membranes FAQs

What’s the best membrane for our application?

This is a big question and really best discussed together on the phone. Determining factors would include your type of encapsulant, composition of the modules, size of the modules, and type of laminator.

How long should a diaphragm last?

This also depends on your encapsulant and type of module. Give us a call to talk about your product and processes to determine what you should be getting from your membrane.

What can we do to extend the life of our membrane?

Consider protecting it with a layer of PTFE sheet between the modules and the membrane. We have several options for this. And if you’re encapsulating with EVA, we should discuss the fifth generation Fluorosilicone membrane that is resistant to the outgassing from the EVA. The Fifth Generation option may give you far better life than your current membrane.


Technical Specification:


Technical Data Sheet
- The 5th Generation



Technical Data Sheet
- The 2nd Generation

Standard Grade Silicone Rubber Sheets


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